Judith Mok

Judith Mok

About Her Voice

""...it is bel canto singing of the type we simply do not hear these days."
- Ira Siff.

"...the superb singing of soprano Judith Mok, made this work the highlight of the evening"
- The Irish Times

"Only a Nepalese shaman’s performance could be a match for Mok’s vibrant show as she sang songs from the era of James Joyce electrifying her audiences."
- Times of India

About Her Writing


"There is much to admire not least the lyrical writing, whtich at times creates a dreamlike atmosphere."
-The Irish Times

"...Lawrenthian mystery at the heart of a novel such as this: striking a balance between pain and beauty, between lyrical prose and ugly reality. In a modern world wehre feeling and emotion are frequently contained and packaged for safe consumption, the kind of raw passion and danger on offer here is certainly worth engaging with."
-The Irish Times