Teaching | Vocal Coach | Extended Breathing Technique

Judith Mok coaches some of the top talents in the world, in all musical genres.
Recently she has coached Grace Jones, Glenn Hansard and collaborated with Dr Dre, as well as promising young opera singers; 
Carolyn Holt, Dominica Williams, Cormac Lawlor and cross-over artist Heather Fogarty.

Parallel with her singing career, Judith Mok has maintained a private practice as a vocal coach. She have worked with many students in the Netherlands, France and Ireland. Her approach as a teacher is based on her own ever-expanding experience in the areas of Baroque, Romantic and Contemporary, including Rock, Jazz and popular music, vocal techniques and styles. Being fluent in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish  and Russian has been a great help in coaching singers in the specific repertoire of these languages. In addition, she has found that the extended vocal and most importantly breathing  techniques which she has developed over the  years can also be applied to singers and actors ,stage and film, in other disciplines, such as popular or traditional music. She finds that she has always been fascinated by the human voice and is passionate about communicating her technical skills, combined with what is by now a thorough knowledge of  a varied repertoire to a new generation of singers and actors. She has become aware of the rare quality of tone, talent and musicality to be found in new talent in Ireland.

Judith Mok coaches professionals who are aiming to make an album, work on a part in Opera or audition for specific roles. Or simply need to maintain or work on a voice that might be tired from extended touring.

She has also taught masterclasses in festival and conservatory contexts, in Holland, France, the USA, Tunisia and in Ireland, where she teaches on a regular basis at the Bow Street Academy.